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How Pre-Orders Work

For releases that are pre-order, here's how it works.


Our online store is open for 10 days. For pre-orders this gives customers enough time to shop with us and choose their desired pieces. 

With everything being available for this limited time we try to give everyone a chance to grab what they like. After the 10 day period, we close our online store to the public. 


After pre-orders are taken, we then process those orders. With our small but hard working staff, processing orders can take up to 4-5 days. 


Once all orders are processed, we go into production. Production consists of getting all of the garments made from scratch which is what makes the brand so unique. 

Our factory in New Jersey does everything in their power to create the best turn around time for us therefore we can get your order to you in a timely manner. 


After production the team goes into the packaging phase. This means once production is complete we then assort all of the garments and check for any defects.

Orders are then shipped out the same week. Domestic orders will receive everything within 3-5 days and for international orders, it can be up to two weeks depending on location. 


Your order arrives at your doorstep. We then hope you fall in love with your item(s) and continue to support our brand.

*This does not apply to ready-to-wear collections and releases.